Astoria in the World

Versus Caffè  – Kuwait City

Versus Caffe (1)The coffee served in the highest skyscraper in Kuwait, the Al Hamra Tower, is branded Astoria, thanks to a Gloria machine with 3 brew groups installed at the Versus Versace Caffè.

The menu offers prime Italian specialties in a trendy atmosphere featuring a fashionable design.



Antipodean Coffee Shop – Kuala Lumpur, Malesia

Antipodean (1)

Antipodean Cafe takes its very soul from the cafes that have gone before it, not only in the Antipodes, but also in Europe. The goal is to create a meeting place, a central spot where expatriates and locals can meet, chat, gossip, romance and chill out over a cup of excellent coffee and a plate of good tucker. The locale features a 3 groups Plus4You the carbon-fibre & chrome version. In the picture: Massimo Talamini, Export Manager Astoria with Alun and Karl.


Heberer’s Traditional Bakery – Frankfurt Airport


A fine craft, tradition and passion for baking for more than 120 years. The fine art of baking with the best ingredients and recipes is celebrated here – all based on the experience of more than 100 years family tradition. Whether truffle salami in ciabatta, fougasse with oil seeds or traditional poppy-seed cake, everything in this traditional bakery is baked to only the highest standard. Long roasted gourmet coffee out of 100% arabica beans which can be enjoyed in different varieties as well as tea and hot chocolate also served. The espresso is always impeccable, thanks to a 3-groups Perla by Astoria.


Arte Weinhandel & Vinothek – Obere Landstrasse 4, 3500 Krems an der Donau, Austria


Splendid vineyards and renown monasteries, including the Benedictine Abbeys of Melk and Göttweig, enrich the natural landscape and historical background of Wachau, a charming Austrian valley carved out by the Danube. This UNESCO-protected territory is home to the town of Krems, with its ancient, well-preserved buildings. Walking through the streets of the centre you’ll come across Bar Arte, where the wine and coffee is always excellent. In fact, this is where the barista-trainer Franz Grünwald has installed a Plus4You with two brew groups, which appears in the photo in the carbon & chrome version.


Coffee Fellows  – Fil. Memmingen Allgäu Airport , Memmingerberg, Germania

Coffee Fellows (2)

Managed by the Abbate brothers, the Coffee Fellows cafeteria, located in the Fil. Memmingen Allgäu airport in Germany, has enriched its outfit with a 4-group Plus4You espresso machine in chrome and carbon. The Astoria top model machine was installed by retailer Koellemann GmbH, and can manage intense workloads while offering the guarantee of an optimal result in the cup: there could be no better way to delight the guests of the lively Coffee Fellows in Memmingerberg, part of a very well noted and widespread franchise of cafeterias in Southern Germany.



C’ASIA Passau  – Theresienstraße 1 (Fußgängerzone), 94032 Passau


The C’ASIA Espresso Bar run by Dorothea Von Nordhein and Michael Simon is part of the namesake franchise, located in the pedestrian area in the heart of Passau. Here you will find a cosmopolitan atmosphere,  expert staff trained at the Coffee University of Thailand in Bangkok and a wide selection of coffee beverages, from the traditional espresso to more imaginative drinks. Two continents with a particular passion for the black  brew, of which Thailand is a significant producer and consumer, have come together in this enterprise. The locale features two Plus4You machines in the white & chrome version – one of them even has an auto-steamer accessory – installed by distributor Röhrl + Keil GmbH.


Melbourne Airport – Australia


How is the espresso that’s served in the second busiest airport in Australia? Impeccable, thanks to the Plus4You machines set up here by Service Sphere, the Australian Astoria dealerships for the states of Victoria and Southern Australia.  As you can tell from the evident personalization on the back of the machines, they have been installed for Hudsons Coffee, an Australian franchise with 65 shops. At the Tullamarine airport in Melbourne the coffee never sleeps, and the Plus4You guarantees that it is “Just the way you like it”: simply put, an irresistible break between flights.



Schloss Schenke Restaurant – Am Schloss 14, Henfenfeld, Germany


Surrounded by lovely walkways and a rose garden, the Schloss Schenke restaurant offers quality gourmet food in an elegantly furnished atmosphere featuring rustic beamed ceilings and classic print hangings. There is also an old piano in the dining room where luscious platters of meat and fish are served, while in summer evenings the open air beer pub offers delicious grilled specialties among green lawns and centuries-old trees. In this Bavarian idyll there is one important italian detail: the coffee, prepared with a Pratic Avant in the electronic version equipped with LED lighting and raised pouring groups.



Caffè Light Dersut – Via Iseo 1a, San Donà di Piave (VE)

Caffè Light (2)

While on a shopping spree at the Centro Piave di San Donà, in the Venezia provence, there is always time for a fine espresso: here, on March 22, 2013, the Caffè Light Dersut inaugurated a new franchise, where coffee is a carefree pleasure. Prepared with the finest blends produced exclusively by Dersut, the wax content of their Light Coffee no greater than 30% of the original blend. To serve it Dafne and Daniela use a brand new Plus4You machine in the white version.

Caffè Light



Italiana Caffè Dersut – Via Iseo 1a, San Donà di Piave (VE)

Italiana Caffè (2)

Chats with friends and shopping sprees require the proper dose of relaxation, as well as a welcoming space where you can enjoy a break and recharge your batteries. At the Centro Piave di San Donà the coffee is always a sure thing: once again, it is served up by Dersut and Astoria. Part of the namesake franchise, the Italiana Caffè coffee bar boasts a young and efficient staff: how could it operate otherwise, considering the double Plus4You machine in use. There’s no risk of jostling for space over the technological jewel from the Astoria house!

Botteghe del Caffè Dersut



Bar prosciutteria Nudo & Crudo – Via Roma 186, Noventa di Piave (VE)

Nudo & Crudo (6)

At the Nudo & Crudo in Noventa di Piave you can taste much more than some of the excellent prosciuttos that are the main feature of the place. This newly inaugurated locale – it opened March 6, 2013 – invites guests to try fresh gourmet products and delicious pastries, toasting with Prosecco and Franciacorta sparkling wine. The crowning glory of its food & drink offerings is the espresso coffee served at the Bottega del caffè associated with the Dersut coffee shop: the distinguished output of a shiny Plus4You, which can be seen in the photo next to owner Fabio Vettorel and Viki.

Nudo & Crudo su Facebook



Tre Fratelli Restaurant – 4a Avenida 12-59, Zona 10, Città del Guatemala, Guatemala

Tre Fratelli Guatemala CityA unique kitchen that combines Italian gastronomic tradition and the most innovative California cuisine, offering artichoke tortelloni, fettuccine alla carbonara, lasagna and shellfish, with generous helpings of lime, avocado and tropical fruit: this is what’s on the menu at the Tre Fratelli restaurant, located in the Plaza Fontabella shopping mall, in the heart of Guatemala City. It’s an extremely eclectic selection, whipped up to satisfy the most curious and demanding palates. The tribute to the Belpaese naturally embraces espresso coffee, prepared in perfect Italian style with a white, two-group Pratic Avant.


Mc Cafè – Avda. Dr. Luis Alberto de Herrera 1290, Montevideo, Uruguay

MC Cafè Shopp MontevideoEven in this South American capital, on the banks of the Rio de la Plata, you can taste the quality of an Astoria branded espresso: it’s all happening at the Mc Café located on the second floor of the Montevideo Shopping Mall, in the capital of Uruguay, which uses a black Pratic Avant with two spout groups. Originally experimented in the city of Melbourne Australia, the concept Mc Cafè opened in Uruguay in 2003 and has captured the experience of a European espresso, offering the greater public a wide selection of coffees and pastries.


Giornale e Caffè Dersut – via Agordina, Taibon Agordino (BL)

Foto 2Caffetteria di Taibon Agordino in the province of Belluno, located at the gateway to the Dolomites and featuring warm wood details and views of majestic peaks, is one of the most recent inaugurals in the Newspaper and Coffee formula. It is the proud owner of a bright and shiny Astoria Plus4You. The café’s  location at the Agordino exit makes it a regular stop for skiers, who can enjoy a relaxing breakfast whilst sipping good cup of coffee and browsing the day’s papers. The espresso is sure to always be impeccable, thanks to the reliability and energy saving features of the new Plus4You, equipped with a double boiler and auto regulating functions for peak times.


Costa Espresso – Broadway SW1, City of Westminster, Londra

Senza titolo-1Strolling through London you may come across an unusual version of the Plus4You. The machine is usually available in carbon & chrome, white & chrome, red & black and grey & black…but in this coffee shop the machine is yellow, to match the locale’s décor. A  special version had already been made in green, and this latest colour certainly expands the model’s standard chromatic possibilities. One of the most dynamic coffeehouse franchises in the UK, Costa has made it a mission to save the world from mediocre coffee and is committed to choosing environmentally friendly products; and nothing could be better than the ecologic Plus4You by Astoria to ensure both results.