Coffee break for botanists

Coffee bean di Juan Camilo Trujillo

What goes into a bag of roasted coffee? Espresso blends on the market often comprise an assortment of beans from different varieties, growers and countries. It goes without saying that the concept of botanical variety is somewhat vague. An yet, the taste of coffee in the cup is a combined effect of the terroir, meaning the land it comes from, and – especially – from the cultivar, that is to say, from its genetic base.

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Coffee can make your day

Kristina Alexanderson

Coffee, what a passion. As with any pleasure, the key is in moderation. Healthy daily caffeine intake varies from individual to individual, but to define the concept of moderate consumption you could keep in mind that one espresso contains an average of 80 mg of caffeine, which allows for drinking 3-5 cups a day without the risk of superseding a recommended daily dose.

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