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It was once again a pleasure and honor for Astoria to host one of the most renowned and top-level courses in the coffee industry. We are in fact referring to the first module of the Coffee Tasting License course, organized by the International Institute of Coffee Tasters (IIAC), in collaboration with the National Institute for Italian Espresso (INEI) and the Tasters Study Centre.

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Great Latte Art Show at Astoria during the CILA selections!

An exciting day at Astoria headquarters, where the final stage of the Italian Latte Art Championship (CILA) selections was held, promoted by the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE).
With froth, eight expert contestants gave battle all day, stroke after stroke demonstrating their supreme technical skills besides great creativity in the decorations chosen and presented to the panel of judges before the competition.

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Capitan Astoria supports the baristas during the Cambodia Barista Championship!

A small town, but one that boasts great talents! In the town of Phnom Penh, on October 20 and 21, 2016, the best of Cambodia’s baristas challenged each other displaying veritable “excellence in a cup” in competing for the coveted and unique Cambodian National Barista Champion title.

The championship was held during the 2016 edition of the Camfood international exhibition, famed for arousing the interest of professionals and visitors belonging both to the Food & Beverage sector in all its facets, as well as to that of the equipment used in the field of foodstuffs.

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