A cutting-edge industrial philosophy, research and technology that respects tradition, innovation aimed towards sustainable growth. Astoria pursues excellence by embracing an ample vision that can elevate the passion for Italian espresso and make it a vehicle for definitive values: team work, empowerment of human capital and environmental awareness.

Here is an espresso that can express the finest Italian tradition, a worthy ambassador for Italian quality and creativity in the world. A work of art borne of the perfect combination of technology and design, the product of a range of machines developed with the highest level of design and green awareness.

Astoria maintains constant collaboration with the supply chain and clients and provides a reliable assistance network throughout the territory, allowing it to accomplish its original mission –working with dedication to offer baristas the finest equipment so they can serve a coffee that knows no equal. Astoria is present internationally in 130 countries and on five continents, with affiliates in the United States, France, Romania and India.

The aim is sustainability. The manufacturing headquarters in Susegana (TV) is a technological gem conceived according to an industrial philosophy inspired by lean manufacturing, in which local energy sources are put to careful use in order to operate production lines in the most efficient way possible.

The Plus4You espresso machine is a symbol of excellence for Astoria and its green philosophy.  Plus4You is the top of the range model and a forerunner in the Green Line, the revolutionary series of energy saving espresso coffee machines featuring separate boilers for each individual group and a consumption memory system that allows for certified energy savings of  47,6% in standby mode and 30% while in use.

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