Plus4Champions Icon / #StreetsOfBudapest Design 4-6

This week we are continuing to show our many followers on the Astoria Blog the designs conceived by some artists who took part in the #StreetsOfBudapest project, with which Astoria would like to pay homage to the Hungarian capital and to celebrate for the third year running the sponsorization of the World Latte Art and Coffee In Good Spirits Championships organized by World Coffee Events.

The fil rouge is always the same: to use creativity and give a personal interpretation of the city of Budapest and of its coffee tradition.


Baser‘s tribute belongs to the graffiti world, that turned this city into a real artistic jewel, with a stylized boy armed with a spray can in yellow, light blue, lilac and purple tones.




Something different caught Peeta‘s attention about Budapest: the underground. Retro street lights, yellow wagons and a grey skyline in the background are the protagonists of his nostalgic graphics.




For Blef instead the focus stays on the writers’ world: the use of the typical graffiti style to convey his creative vision of the Hungarian capital, together with the city smoky color and the Astoria red, make this design a mix of metropolis and style.


Stay tuned to discover the next graphics of the #StreetsOfBudapest project!