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Spray cans, thousands of colors, lots of passion and a few liters of coffee. “Streets of Budapest” is the project that will bring Astoria to the Hungarian capital on June 13, on the occasion of the World Of Coffee, a worldwide event and a must for all lovers of specialty coffee.

The project is fully dedicated to the Hungarian capital which hosts the event, a city with rich artistic and cultural traditions embodied by the countless works of art that enliven its streets and alleys. In fact, only by walking with an eye to the sky can stencils, graffitis, tags, stickers and murals be appreciated.

These works are mostly concentrated in the Seventh District (Erzsébetváros or Jewish District), in the northern quadrant of the city. In this area, adjacent to the “Pest” shore of the Danube River, the city’s most metropolitan city emerges, in stark contrast to the golden “Buda” shore, on the other side of the river. The video-documentary “Streets of Budapest”, which gives its name to the entire project sponsored by Astoria, has been filmed on these streets.

The protagonists are three boys, each with a strong passion. Today, we will talk about the first of them, Gergely Void, a thirty-year old Hungarian artist who lives and works in Törökbálint, a town on the southern outskirts of Budapest; we will reveal the identity of the other two protagonists in the coming weeks.

Void’s passion for street art is visible every day on the walls of abandoned city buildings, which, thanks to the artist, are today true works of art.  One of them was requested by the “Színes Város” (“Colorful City”) movement, which gives its name to the festival that every year, during the month of August, gives international visibility to the city’s artistic spirit.

Not until 2014 did the movement become the proponent of the renovation of 2000 square meters of city surfaces.After you watch the video, which will be published in the coming weeks, you will understand the reason that led us to involve Void in the video-documentary “Streets of Budapest”.

In the meantime, enjoy Void’s greetings from Hungary!

See you soon with the next protagonist … until then, #streetsofbudapest!