Great Latte Art Show at Astoria during the CILA selections!

An exciting day at Astoria headquarters, where the final stage of the Italian Latte Art Championship (CILA) selections was held, promoted by the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE).
With froth, eight expert contestants gave battle all day, stroke after stroke demonstrating their supreme technical skills besides great creativity in the decorations chosen and presented to the panel of judges before the competition.

The latter, made up by technical judge Andrea Alberghini, visual judges Alberto Schiavon and Elena Mattiuzzo, with Davide Cobelli heading the panel and supervised by Luca Ventriglia, carefully scrutinised every movement of the bartenders, from the moment they approached the work station to prepare a basic espresso, to when they “brandished” the milk jug to complete their masterpieces in a cup.

The morning started with the customary address to the contestants, with the head judge specifically informing them of the work stations and equipment available and their being reminded of the main points of the competition’s official regulations.

To kick-off the contest was Simone Cattani, followed by Martino Sgobba, Fabio Colicchia and Alessio Roccataglia in the morning, and by Elisa Urdich, Valentino Pezzutto, Marco Carrieri and Luca Primiani in the afternoon. Each of them presented the panel of judges with two pictures illustrating the decorations chosen at the start of their test, with two chances being given them to attempt to reproduce each one as perfectly as possible in the cup.

On concluding the test, each contender presented the judges with four precisely decorated cappuccinos: these were assessed by the visual judges from the aesthetic viewpoint, according to common parameters (the decoration’s resemblance to the design, quality of the froth, contrast between the coffee and milk, creativity…). The visual judges were then joined by the head judge, who also took into consideration the level of hygiene observed, the performance and the espresso’s quality.

Throughout the day, the bartenders were accompanied by trusty Astoria Export Manager Flavio Urizzi who, after each exhibition, gave the contenders a series of on the spot impressions on performance, level of competition and on each individual’s professional expectations.

At the prize-giving ceremony Davide Cobelli, Official SCAE Trainer, informed the participants of the imminent SCAE and SCAA merger, which will become a sole Association of Specialty Coffee (ASC). A traditional group selfie with the panel of judges was taken by Cobelli, with participation certificates and Astoria gadgets to the fore, immediately followed by the announcement by the winners.

Third place went to Luca Primiani, who however unfortunately failed to earn the right to compete in Rimini at the Sigep venue with Marco Carrieri and Fabio Colicchia who, instead, are today’s winners.

Astoria wishes all participants the very best for their careers, hoping to re-encounter them in the near future!

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