Astoria and Loacker: the perfect combination of art and flavour

The first café barista championship organised by Loacker in Bolzano, Northern Italy, was a great success. Astoria was pleased to support the event by providing the entrants with its best competition-level coffee machine, Plus4Champions.

The 12 participants, who were assessed by a panel of judges according to the strict rules of the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE), competed to show their skills in the technique of “Latte Art”, starting with the more widely-used, simple shapes and moving on to create increasingly complex designs.

The event, which was held at the Twenty Shopping Mall, proved to be a multi-sensory experience for members of the public, who had the chance to participate in a series of tastings and demonstrations.

Once again Astoria’s Plus4Champions machine was much admired thanks to its innovative features, the beauty of its design and, above all, its ability to show Loacker’s unique and exclusive blend of coffee to its best advantage.

The secret to a consistently delicious and distinctive in-cup product lies not only in the quality of the ingredients but also on using a high-tech professional machine that is practical, functional and at the same time true to the traditions of authentic Italian coffee.

And the winners of the first Loacker Latte Art Competition are: in first place, Calogero from the Loacker Café on Piazza Walther in Bolzano, who wins a fabulous trip to one of the world’s great coffee-producing countries; in second place Mara from the Loacker Café in the Oriocenter in Bergamo; and in third place Stefanie from the Loacker Café on Piazza Walther in Bolzano.

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