Astoria’s Plus4Champions is the official machine of the Loacker Latte Art Competition

The competitions devoted to the art of Italian coffee have no more secrets for Astoria Macchine per Caffé.

Having definitively won the professionals of specialty coffee over in the finals of the two prestigious contests organized by World Coffee Events: the World Latte Art Championship and the World Coffee in Good Spirits Championship. Astoria, leading manufacturer of espresso machines and founding partner of the National Italian Espresso Institute (INEI), will participate in the first Loacker Latte Art competition with its flagship competition model par excellence.

Dedicated to the true espresso champions, the Plus4Champions Astoria will help the 13 best bartenders Loacker to prove their qualities in the competition scheduled on 13th and 14th May 2016 in the shopping centre “Twenty” of Bolzano. Both during the preliminary round and in the final one, participants will be evaluated by a jury chosen according to the official rules of the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE).

Astoria shares with Loacker, international renowned brand, a cutting edge industrial philosophy based on a responsible and sustainable production. “Since several years, our research is oriented to a low environmental impact products and the machines used by the bar tenders will be the competition version of the model Plus4You TS, top range of Astoria, and the first energy saving machine certified up to 47,6%”. Declared Mr Stefano Stecca, Commercial Director of Astoria-CMA Macchine per Caffè.