Growing with China

With the CMA Export Manager Flavio Urizzi’s interview, the Astoria project comes to life and gains meaning: #TheCoffeeRoad.

A project with China in its sights, aiming at consolidating an already strong tie that has for over two decades been linking this Italian company, leader in the manufacture of quality professional espresso coffee machines, to one of the most fascinating and certainly most powerful countries in Asia.

It was in fact in the mid-Nineties that Astoria became one of the first companies in the coffee machine sector to propose its products to China: since then, not only did the Chinese economy became stronger and increasingly flourishing, but a transformation was also experienced in the tastes of the Chinese themselves. Attracted by western lifestyles, their tastes began to change, with coffee starting to be preferred to tea, the classical and traditional oriental beverage.

The economic growth of the former Celestial Empire has therefore gone hand-in-hand with that of Astoria on the Chinese market. And now, for the second consecutive year, by sponsoring the finals for the World Latte Art Championship and World Coffee In Good Spirits Championship being programmed in Shanghai within the “Hotelex” venue, from March 29 to April 1, 2016, a whole series of new challenges have presented themselves.