Astoria stars at the 2015 Costa – Barista of the Year

Astoria’s exclusive Vintage coffee machine has been used by more than 17,000 baristas throughout the world during the various phases of the Costa Barista of the Year competition. Costa Coffee, the absolute European leader in the coffee bar sector, organizes this contest every year among all the baristas who work in their more than 2500 coffee shops in many countries on the European continent as well as in the Middle East and East Asia.

For over 30 years Astoria has been the official supplier for Costa Coffee, putting their technology to use in the service of personalized techniques aimed at meeting the specific demands of their customers. The Vintage coffee machine is a model developed and produced specifically for Costa coffee houses, and it continues to enjoy remarkable success and positive feedback, especially when it comes to aesthetics and functionality.

In the grand finale of the 10th edition of the competition held at the Tobacco Dock in London, the best Costa baristas challenged one another in the preparation of their own personal specialty coffee (coffee based drink) and in a speed trial based on the number of espressos prepared in a two minute timeframe.  Klara Rohel came away the winner, after making a real impression on the judges with her skills and creativity. Second place went to Aubhrey Rosales and third to Jude Leng.