Expo Milano the background for the Astoria Gala Dinner at Host

On Saturday, October24th, the Astoria family got together at the Expo for the traditional gala event organized for the occasion of the Host trade fair. It’s a special date, held to celebrate the successes achieved in the last two years and to toast new milestones. As in 2013, we chose a particularly exclusive context: the Eataly pavilion in the heart of the Expo.

The Sala Scirocco hall facing the Decumano thoroughfare at the Expo features the finest in Italian excellence. Here, in collaboration with Eataly, Astoria set up a long gastronomic journey through the flavors of the Boot. The journey was full of surprises; it was inaugurated with a live-cooking welcome reception in the nearby Sala Libeccio hall, based on mozzarella cheese prepared in view on site by a master cheese maker surrounded by artists’ paintings.

The genuine inaugural moment was the welcome speech by President Federico Gallia and several area managers for Astoria, recalling the most significant stages in the company’s growth, which involved investments but also harmonious cohesion, research, balance and passion.

These were all ingredients that our guests encountered in the gourmet masterpieces prepared especially for the occasion; the courses were introduced by starred chefs and culminated in a spectacular flourish of a coffee sorbetto with liquid nitrogen.

The evening left everyone with intense memories: among these, the light show on the Tree of Life, the most symbolic attraction at the Expo, which guests were invited to watch after dinner. Of course there were professional photographers that captured souvenir pictures of the party, something to remember as we look forward to another date with Host in 2017.