#RoadToGothenburg #03 – PLUS4YOU MEETS THE BARISTA

On the road to Gothenburg, Plus4You meets a very special person: the barista. Astoria’s flagship, the official espresso machine of the World Latte Art and World Coffee in Good Spirits championships, is the star of the third episode in the #RoadToGothenburg series, titled “Plus4You Meets the Barista”.

After its final fine-tuning, Plus4You is tested by an expert under the supervision of the Astoria team. The competition machine, designed to offer cutting-edge technology to the professionals who will compete June 16 to 18 at The Nordic World of Coffee, appears in a special version with a single button, integrating the features to which it owes its reputation: an innovative control system, separate steam boilers and reservoirs, maximum temperature stability, excellent quality in the cup, and energy savings.

The video highlights this true thoroughbred’s performance in the hands of our specialist, for whom the machine holds no surprises, thanks to the advice offered by the #RoadToGothenburg team. With Plus4You, every movement is able to enhance the art of the espresso by meeting the standards of the most demanding professionals. Prepare to enjoy an array of special latte art creations and to share the satisfaction of those who have found the perfect partner to express their passion.

More at: http://www.astoria.com/roadtogothenburg/