The art of espresso: international passion in Susegana

Baristas from Hamburg, Berlin, Göttingen, Lubecca, Kiel, Frankfurt and many other German cities got together for a special occasion that put them to the ultimate test: the baristas championship hosted by Astoria last July celebrated the passion for espresso and the infectious enthusiasm of those who strive for excellence every day.

They were four intense days that intertwined professional growth and hospitality, with a visit to the factory in Susegana and a tour of the beauties of the territory. Congratulations to the Balzac Coffee team, whose ranks include the three winners, and to all the baristas who put themselves to the test in the preparation of excellent espressos with the help of the Astoria Plus4You and the coordination of Area Manager Roberto Pampanin.

A heartfelt thanks goes out to everyone for their enthusiastic participation and for the special video prepared by the baristas, and to the friendly team of Balzac Coffee, who set the scene in their own offices for the bright Astoria kit created specifically for the occasion.