An exceptional Rapallo at Caffè Pedrocchi

Caffè Pedrocchi in Padua is an internationally famous and prestigious hangout for intellectuals, students and politicians. It also used to be known as the “cafe without doors” for being open day and night and hosting all manner of passing wayfarers, without exceptions. This unique location is synonymous to the essence of Padua highlife and a celebration of the quintessential nature of a cafe as a place to get together and as a cultural exchange. It was chosen by Torrefazione Caffè Vescovi – an Astoria client – to present  the restyling of the brand.

On Monday, May 19th, the renown Padua coffeehouse – a synonym for quality since 1927 – presented three Rapallo machines in their semi-automatic versions, personalized specifically by Astoria with the colours of the coffeehouse: mocha for the body and led backlighting of the Vescovi logo in a gold hue.