How water filtration affects automatic espresso machines

The quality of water used in your espresso machine; whether your espresso machine is automatic, semi-automatic or super automatic; will always ultimately dictate the quality of your espresso.

The quality of water will actually affect the machine in two different ways; extending the life of your espresso machine and preserving the taste of your espresso.

It is a well-known fact that common tap water is considered too hard for any good espresso. Technically that means tap water contains too many calcium carbonates, or combination of calcium and magnesium – a rock like substance that can form on the inside of your espresso machine clogging the filters and nozzles ultimately leading to serious operational issues with your machine.

Unless you have access to your own well, water filtration is very important for the life of your machine. In the food service sector, water should always be optimized with a water filtration system; protecting equipment, eliminating downtime and expensive service calls.  Your water is the free of particles, tastes great and is the perfect ingredient for food and drinks.

CMA Filter Cartridges EN_06-2013_2The best filters are variations on the traditional carbon filters used in the home as well as commercial water filtration systems.  Carbon has always been recognized for decades for its ability to retain a positive charge and attract negatively-charged particles.  It is also effective in small quantities, increasing the life span of each filter used. Additionally, the trace presence of minerals in carbon filtered water can actually improve the taste of your espresso.