Astoria +4U – official machine for the Hungarian WBC

Plus4You will be the machine used for the Hungarian WBC – World Barista Championship organized by SCAE during the Sihra trade fair, which will debut in Budapest from the 10th to the 12th of March, 2014.

Sponsored by Pasco caffè, the event will offer a prestigious international platform for the quality of the Astoria brand. Plus4You is officially qualified for the preparation of Certified Italian Espresso (Espresso Italiano Certificato), and will represent the overall expression of the quality standards represented by the brand. This machine can guarantee the competing professionals a perfect brew, thanks to its absolute stability and precise controls.

It’s an important confirmation of the synchronicity that binds the mission of Astoria to WBC events: we are committed to promoting the excellence of espresso coffee and we strive to give incentive to the barista profession. The numerous training initiatives and courses organized by Astoria for baristas and technicians all over the world are solid proof of this mission.