Astoria On the Boot – Against Childhood Cancer

It was with great pride that Plus4You took part in the event called On the Boot – Against Childhood Cancer, held last September 15th at the Glenferrie Oval in the suburb of Hawthorn,  Melbourne, Australia.

100% of the proceeds were donated to cancer research. The event was organized by the “My Room” charity institute, one of the most important donors to the Royal Children’s Hospital (Children’s Cancer Centre); thanks also to the support offered by University Food Group / Service Sphere,  Astoria  official distributor in Australia    (

A li vely Plus4You in a Red&White color scheme contributed to the success of the sixth edition of  On the Boot, a festive day animated with plenty of entertainment for the young ones and by the champions from Australian Rules Football (AFL), the Australian football championship series. Of course the coffee had to have been just as special: special like Astoria.