Previews: Astoria at Host 2013

The Astoria range is preparing to announce an important upgrade to be revealed at the upcoming Host event, the international exhibition of the ospitality industry scheduled from the 18th to the 22nd of October, 2013 in Milan.

“Some of the most interesting new trends regard our Greenline products,” anticipates Stefano Stecca, Commercial Director for Astoria. “At Milano we will raise the curtain on a new generation of the Plus4You, the energy-saving espresso coffee machine that uses separate boilers for each individual brewing group and features a system that memorizes consumption, thus allowing for certified energy savings of up to 47.6% in standby mode and 30% while in use. The Plus4You will be equipped with a system of distance telemetry that can remotely control the parameters of the machine’s use and consumption. This feature is particularly useful for the coffee house. On another front, the most evident new visual trend concerns the display, with the introduction of an ample, next-generation capacitive touch screen designed to combine functionality with cutting edge aesthetics.“

At Milano the Plus4You will be sharing the stage with other new items, including an important restyling for the Compact, the smaller machine from the Astoria company, as well as the biggest new entry, which is a traditional-type machine with a particularly attractive new design concept. “This machine is made to capture the eye as well as the attention of connoisseurs: it’s an authentic star with a decidedly vintage flavour. It is a particularly prestigious addition to a line of products in which design has always been an absolute must, as demonstrated by the models with great personality like the Sibilla, which, with its distinctive play on full and empty space, is a symbol of the Astoria company’s attention to this aspect.“

«At Milano we will be venturing beyond the fold, with the launch of an absolutely new model for the sector,” continues Stefano Stecca. “It’s going to be a huge surprise that will definitely leave the market dumbfounded: long story short, this is a machine that still doesn’t exist; yet.”

To discover first hand all the new trends from the Astoria company, all you have to do is visit our stand, E52 (pavilion 11).