On the road with Astoria: mobile espresso bars

The pleasure of an espresso prepared with an Astoria machine knows no limits, especially when the quality is guaranteed by the super performing Plus4You. The Torrefazione Caffè San Giusto in Kötschach-Mauthen, Carinzia, Austria (http://sangiusto.at/) has acquired the top model from Astoria – two-group and color coordinated – to outfit a baby blue Fiat 500 and style tune the classic Italian car into a mobile espresso bar.

The vehicle belongs to Helmut Thurner and his son Christian Thurner, and travels around town squares and shopping malls. It runs on batteries and doesn’t require electrical charging. The same concept has been applied to the black Fiat 500 that’s tricked out with a coordinated Plus4You owned by the German barista instructor Graziano Chessa. In Austria and in Germany, these two Fiat 500 fun cars can prepare espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, creamed and flamed coffees as well as other beverages. Astoria is always on the move!