Astoria prepares the best coffee in Ireland for the World Series

The 2013 World Barista Championship is fast approaching. It will be held in Melbourne next May 23rd during the Melbourne International Coffee Expo. Representing Ireland will be Colin Harmon, who was elected best barista during the last edition of the Irish Barista Champion 2013, an event promoted by SCAE Ireland with the support of Astoria. It was a fascinating three days that entertained and challenged the energies and palates of the judges, volunteers and professionals in attendance.

On a different front, Seivijus Matiejunas triumphed in the Latte Art competition, the second category in the Dublin contest. He will represent Ireland at the World Latte Art Championship which will take place during the SCAE World of Coffee, in Nice, France from the 26th  to the 28th  of June.

The World Barista Championship is organized every year by World Coffee Events (WCE). The last edition was held in Vienna and assigned the title to Raul Rodas from Guatemala.

In the photo Export Manager Flavio Urizzi congratulates Colin Harmon next to a shiny Plus4You.