Coffee can make your day

Coffee, what a passion. As with any pleasure, the key is in moderation. Healthy daily caffeine intake varies from individual to individual, but to define the concept of moderate consumption you could keep in mind that one espresso contains an average of 80 mg of caffeine, which allows for drinking 3-5 cups a day without the risk of superseding a recommended daily dose.

This information is purely indicative, since caffeine levels vary from 0.9 to 3.5 % depending on the product. It should be comforting to know that low quantities of caffeine also correspond to a better sensory quality. Plus, it seems that it is not only the caffeine in coffee but also its aroma that helps you wake up: the logical conclusion is that a pleasant way to greet the day depends on choosing good coffee.

Coffee’s aroma comes from a combination of multiple factors that include the quality of the water, the caffeine level, the composition of the aromatic ingredients and the quantity of chlorogenic acids, which perform anti-oxidizing processes that vary according to the production process. Coffee helps in waking up thanks to well-known properties in caffeine that improve concentration and diminish fatigue. It enters into circulation immediately and is absorbed within 30-45 minutes.

In conclusion: is it true that by adding milk it becomes harder to digest? The secret is all in the ratio between milk and coffee, which is optimal in a cappuccino, less so in a  caffè macchiato.

Photo by Kristina Alexanderson